Music is Art


Developed a system for Music is Art, an organization based in Buffalo, NY. The system included posters, a brochure, apparel, coasters, stickers, magnets, water bottles, and mugs.


Print + Web

A fictitious company developed to explore brand identity, encompassing stationery, invitations, product packages, design guide, and website.

Flame & Shell Ear Cuffs

Fine Art

A set of ear cuffs made of copper, brass, and anodized titanium. Showcases weapon vs armor and offense vs defense.

Influential Architects


A booklet featuring six influential architects. The booklet provides a brief biography of each architect, as well as their famous works.

Design Autopsy

Print + Exhibition

An exhibition featuring distinguished RIT Industrial Design alumni and the process behind their work. Exhibition design inspired by the Vignelli Unigrid System.

American Wood Type


An informational booklet about wood type from American Wood Type by Rob Roy Kelly. The booklet also explored process and spot color treatments on different colored paper.

The Solar System


An informational booklet about the solar system. The booklet was requested to be based on a timeline, so the subject was interpreted as the distance between the sun and each planet (lightyears).

Hotel Luna


A branding concept for an urban boutique hotel that appeals to young professionals.

Wasp Bike

Fine Art

A lithograph of a motorcycle metamorphosing into a wasp.

Green Roof


A brochure about the greenroof at James Madison University. The brochure included a cross-section of the green roof, a photograph of the actual site, and a graphic depicting rainfall and runoff.

Bauhaus vs Traditional

Fine Art

A screen print inspired by the study of Bauhaus and Josef Hartwig's chess set.

Trap Ring

Fine Art

A trap ring made of sterling silver that allows for the insertion of a finger, but prevents withdrawal.

Puzzled Heart

Fine Art

A lithograph depicting the composition or decomposition of the important areas in life.

Colosseum Tiger

Fine Art

A screen print depicting the violent and bloody animalistic events that took place at the Colosseum.


Fine Art

A screen print inspired by spring and Mount Fuji. Thirteen different layers of color were printed.